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U.S. WEED CHANNEL … For The Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Supporter

We did the hard part of getting all the approvals to be Legal an Global…literally the Government to Google!

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Canna-Related Advertiser

We launched U.S. WEED CHANNEL in 2014. As ‘Industry OG’s’ we know your pain. Then we solved it!

USWC is legal, global and approved to stream and advertise on all OTT and mobile, Social, Web, Cable, and CTV.

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U.S. WEED CHANNEL is the first and only federally certified, openly cannabis, Broadcast, and Streaming Company, and your opportunity to reach 209 million global consumers in 145 countries first.

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Canna-Content Creator

Trying to find a friendly platform is a pain. Monetizing is a pain. Keeping up a normal production schedule is a pain. Platforms have decreased payouts dramatically. What a pain!

Or, USWC could handle Sales, Social, Distribution, and monetization for you?!

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Music Artist Submission

We totally launched a digital radio channel! @USWCROCKSRADIO

Global radio for Cannabis lovers worldwide! Plus, USWC ROCKS RADIO plays on our Roku channel to 165,000 listeners!

Get global play or a World Music Premier!

Accredited Investor Portal

Registration Portal For Accredited Investors Only.

If you missed your Amazon, Google, and Bitcoin moments…discover your chance to make up for it.

Next-level Cannabis Media

Whatever HIGHts you want with Cannabis Media, we do too!

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U.S. WEED CHANNEL From Grassroot to Global!

We wondered if people would like Cannabis TV. “Houston. That’s an affirmative!”

How Close to 1,000,000 Subscribers?

Media Renegade Much?!

Our Founder, Shane Doull, started America’s first legal mobile Weed Delivery Store, Grand Daddy Phoenix. When he was falsely arrested three things happened: he realized ‘Cannabis Doesn’t Have A Voice’, the courts were a scam against law-abiding families, and a judge would break the law to get a guilty verdict…and he decided things needed changing.

Shane broke the winning streak of America’s court system and became the first American to get a UNANIMOUS NOT GUILTY VERDICT paving the way for every American. Then he launched U.S. WEED CHANNEL against all odds to protect families torn apart like his. Shane gave a voice to Cannabis worldwide by making Legal Cannabis Media a reality for 209 million global consumers. Please support his mission.