The topics on The Gentlemans History Hour are on point!

Arturo Parra

Los Angeles, CA


I have learned so much from the Quantum Key Blog!

Carlos Varbosa

Houston, TX


The First Time I Got High is the funniest group of stories ive ever heard! Great Show

Jay Stevens

Los Angeles, CA


I cant wait for the next episode of Stage1 ! What a great concept of showcasing up and coming Singers, Bands and Showcases around the state of Texas!

Amber Stokes

Sanfranciso, CA


The Hashed Out Show with Dj Good Grief is a gem! The first interview with International Music Producer was amazing!

James Pittman

Hoboken, NJ

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Sarges Paranormal

Meet the rag tag Ghost Hunters of the current century as they investigate lost location and unsolved mysteries.

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Blunt Thoughts TV

The Talk Show where censorship is a four-letter word and anything goes. Follow along Chad & Armov as they interview the most censored icons on the

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420 News

USWC up to date news for the world. Keep up date news on our 420 Platform informing you of the latest news from the cannabis culture .

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The Gentleman's HIstory Hour

History Hour is a bi-weekly podcast that engages in casual
conversations about the personal history of VIP guests as well as life shifting historical moments that shapes the present and influences the future.

Problems, Solutions and forsight on dynamic point of views.

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Live Performances

Stage 1

Stage 1 stages the perfomer with a live performance venue for a once in a lifetime Live Shoot with the USWC crew.

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