Gentlemen's History Hour

GHH (Gentlemen's History Hour)

Gentlemen’s History Hour is a bi-weekly program that engages in casual conversations about the personal history of VIP guests as well as informative segments of historical moments throughout time which have shaped the present and continue to influence our future.



The Problem: We don’t know our full history nor are we taught how to learn it. (A secondary problem being people don’t know where to start.)


Our Solution: In just one hour per week, we have beginner Black History dialogue introducing the most dynamic characters, events and acts as well as explaining how it effects us today.


The Overview: Toe empower people with a stronger sense of self, raising awareness, and providing a guide to explore further.


Co-hosts: Equality (@Equalityhue) and Rob Jay 10x (@robjay10x)


Produced by Savvi Hue (@savvi.hue) for POD'N.

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