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Stolen and Re Bought Actor Seth Green buys back stolen NFT
Actor Seth Green has been reunited with the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT he lost in a phishing attack last month. Green reportedly paid 165 Ether (more than $295,000 at current prices) for the NFT, after it was sold on to a collector.

Green’s upcoming TV show "White Horse Tavern." will star his bored ape.
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AMC jumps 10% after the record weekend for Top Gun sequel Maverick

The stock AMC, -0.62% jumped 6.5% in midday trading, and have now soared 47.9% over the past four days. Just prior to the current win streak, the stock was trading at levels seen before the “meme stock” rally that had kicked off a year ago.

“The record-setting success of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is another example of a box office that continues to show positive signs of recovery,” AMC said in a statement.

Tom Cruise and “Top Gun: Maverick” are giving AMC and IMAX shares a lift.



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