Stolen and Re Bought Actor Seth Green buys back stolen NFT


Actor Seth Green has been reunited with the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT he lost in a phishing attack last month. Green reportedly paid 165 Ether (more than $295,000 at current prices) for the NFT, after it was sold on to a collector.

Green’s upcoming TV show "White Horse Tavern." will star his bored ape.
nft Seth Green Bored Ape

The seller, a certain Mr. Cheese who uses @DarkWing84 on Twitter, originally argued that he bought the work in good faith, not knowing it was taken from Green.

In a bizarre attempt to pressure Mr. Cheese to return the NFT, Green last month claimed on Twitter to have spent 18 years studying copyright law and that he would rather not take the Big Cheese to court.


Bored Ape #8398 appears to have been transferred on Tuesday, according to blockchain records.

Before the theft, Green had planned to create a TV series, to be titled White Horse Tavern, starring the character and other Bored Ape NFTs he owns. (NFT owners claim copyright ownership over the works in their collections, but no legal precedents exist to secure that right.)

Not that any of it matters. Green, despite getting absolutely fleeced, seems to be happy with the conclusion of his unspeakable plight. Responding to a query from Buzz Feed News, the jokester and budding barrister said his funny-looking picture of a monkey “is home.”