Dogecoin's Top Owner.... Robinhood?

DogeWhaleAlert initially reported in February that Dogecoin whales had moved over 800 million DOGE valued around $54.20 million.

One transaction carried 400,781,942 DOGE (equal to $49,996,746), according to the report. The other two each moved about 205 million DOGE and were valued at $25,495,252.

On Thursday, Billy Markus posted a petition titled "Add Dogecoin Wallet Support to Twitter Tipping Feature."

According to a recent tweet from @DogeWhaleAlert, brokerage app Robinhood Markets Inc

is in possession of 32 percent of the total Dogecoin

in the market. 


Robinhood holds 42,436,664,891 of Dogecoin which is worth of $5,398,537,887.