Comic Coin Well-known comic characters and other art pieces are tokenized into limited licensed NFT collections.

Comic Coin, the next big cryptocurrency to explode in 2022
December 28, 2021·4 min read

The Comic Coin team believes that powerful stories can change the world, and they want to help artists around the globe to focus on creating more incredible stories.

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Comic Coin ($COMIC) is one of the first cryptocurrency projects for the comic, manga, anime industry. It has created Comic One, an all-in-one platform (AIO) that uses $COMIC tokens. This project will help artists, publishers, content creators, and investors open new revenue streams and build a more sustainable future.

This blockchain-based project is pioneering in the comic content creations of the blockchain world. According to COMIC, the AIO platform Comic One is made for comic fans, crypto enthusiasts, and investors to earn revenues through several models, including Spinning to earn, Drawing to earn, Translating to earn, and Publishing to earn. The first phase is tokens releasing, NFTs, and marketplace. The second phase is launching the content streaming platform Comic One.

"What makes Comic One platform unique are original and licensed content, innovative streaming technologies for better user experiences, and a wide range of comics," said spokesperson Sunny Nguyen. The project is working towards comic's IP license agreements from the top comic studios, or even original content created by indie to most famous artists. "We follow the bottom up and top down IP strategy," Sunny said. The project team signs IP license contracts with midsize to the "big guy" in SEA. Then, they proceed with a strategic partnership with top publishers in Vietnam who have been working with top studios in the world.

Well-known comic characters and other art pieces are tokenized into limited licensed NFT collections. Their content library contains remade contents, animations, short animated films, animated TV series, and even metaverse. User's read-mode and watch-mode are diversified from black and white to colored, 3D to VR (Virtual Reality). Subscribers can access the most up-to-date comics, and every episode is translated with AI technology and with user's translation validation. The platform is available on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC or SmartTV.

The COMIC team has designed a fascinating road map to build the first comic blockchain-based ecosystem. It includes buying digital comic art pieces and minting licensed NFT characters giving special access and future experiences to members who hold the NFT. Moreover, they will collaborate with the comic communities, and M&A content businesses are also listed on the roadmap. In 2022, Comic Coin will release an official marketplace in the first quarter and launch the AIO platform Comic One in the fourth quarter.

"It will revolutionize the comic industry because it has the potential to reach millions of artists, content owners, and comic fans who want to publish, share and enjoy great content anywhere. In addition, Comic Coin will bring comics and the crypto community into one place", said Sunny Nguyen.