Words From The Big Kief

Hello friends and followers,

We did it again; we made an idea happen from a spark. And, its paying off big time.


I knew from the start that I or my team could never make enough content to feed the beast that is YOU the video consumer. And, knowing how shitty it is out in the world to monetize content, I've always wanted to rescue canna-content creators from that dark abyss.

Well, I can't fund every project, but...

We did add some benefits to help make the road to success a little less harrowing. You see, now that our channel can run ad-supported videos (thank you, Google!) we can work with producers who have content and no where to monetize. We also got approved by Vuulr.com for video licensing.

With these partners we can, as example, run content and share the ad-revenue, or simply use USWC platform to gain attention and partner on future episodes. We can pick-up cancelled productions who need a global broadcast partner to find funding. Now that projects can be ad-supported the sky and ad opportunities are unlimited.

Heck, we can even localize advertising or make ads show up only in a given show and time. And, get the advertisers automated reporting on their ads. (Thats right Canna industry... real advertising analytics! I know. When you wake up from passin' out talk with our sales team.) This is no big deal for the media giants but for the few of us on Team USWC ...this is big time.

With our first partners we are bringing fresh shows and loads of content! Counterpart Films, llc. (including creatives from Super Funky Fresh Pop Art)  With previous produced projects with Telemundo and Univision! And a lengthy resume that includes ABC, CBS, MTV, BET, Halmark TV, The Golf Channel, Walmart, Exxon, and Paramount. Including working alongside filmmakers like Robert Rodriguez, Mark Wahlberg and Gael Garcia Bernal to name a few.

They are producing episodes of Hashed Out with veteran DJ Good Grief, The First Time I Got High and The Quantum Key


We picked up Blunt Thoughts TV produced by Chad & Armov Productions, llc. (Formerly Houston Enselmble Productions).

And our friends at Parlatore Law Group brought their productions of Commonwealth CannaCounsel for global exposure.

Our plan is working!

Keep in mind; we do not make these killer advancements only for us but for everyone to benefit. So, my call out today is to Content Creators who feel your show belongs on a global Cannabis broadcast TV network...submit your show! Submit on Film Freeway, Talk with our Creative Directors Arturo and Gerardo, reach out on social. Handle your biz. Right?

Our viewers love everything from documentaries to wrestling to reality TV and more! Seriously, what would you possibly wait for?

Okay, gang. It is another day to embrace your amazing self, this amazing world and another amazing opportunity. Go global on U.S. WEED CHANNEL!

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