Yes Weed-Did

Hello friends and followers,

Get ready to put another few notches in our belt of Cann-accomplishments! 

First, let me take a sec to catch my breathe and enjoy this moment in time.... ah, that is much better.

Number one!

America's first openly-Cannabis intellectual properties have been issued! Not to some major corporate conglomerate but to a single member underfunded llc.

Number two!

The World has its first streaming channel with Global reach. Roku invited USWC to apply for global distribution. We made the cut! Now USWC broadcasts in 5-languages around the planet.

Number three!

USWC first Cannabis ad platforms approved by Google! USWC approved as ad partner in the global Ad Sense program!

This is incredible on so many levels! The time its taken to get here, waiting to be the safe inception point for advertisers and the strides we are making right now to bring new shows to you. It is all coming together.

Obtaining our IP eliminated a lot of barriers to growing U.S. WEED CHANNEL. Roku allowed us to advertise and even invited us to go Global, Apple approved our global launch. Google approved USWC as the first Cannabis ad platforms in its Ad Sense program.

All of these are HUGE wins.

~Legitimacy among media partners, influencers and producers.

~The ability to reach local to global markets.

~Vetted by the largest most widely accepted ad partner platform.

I am calling on the daring brands who can balance the shock and awe of being on a Cannabis TV Network with long-term evergreen advertising. We have shows created with you in mind. Forget the 'two-dudes and a bong' days of old. Start thinking sport events, charitable concerts, real news, stand-up comedy, reality and a paranormal series. Now you're ready to change the game and claim your spot.

And, OMG. Who knows how to get in touch with Chuck Lorre?! Along with 'Disjointed' there are a ton of shows that need to get picked up! I just saying; how many would love to see more Cowboy Bebop on U.S. WEED CHANNEL?

Nuf said.