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Press Release

Words From The Big Kief
Hello friends and followers,We did it again; we made an idea happen from a spark. And, its paying off big time. knew from the start that I or my team could never make enough content to feed the beast...
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Yes Weed-Did
Hello friends and followers,Get ready to put another few notches in our belt of Cann-accomplishments! First, let me take a sec to catch my breathe and enjoy this moment in time.... ah, that is much better.Number one!America's first openly-Cannabis intellectual...
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USWC is Co-Producing In Texas
Yehawww! USWC will be shooting project in and around the city of Houston. Keep an eye out for shows like. Blunt Thoughts TV The First Time I Got High Possible Pipes Hashed Out And so much more! for sponsorship opportunities...
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Product Placement

Place your brand within the USWC Program Lineup. We can help create infomercials that will expand your product or brand to the Cannabis Culture.