Weed Sale!!! Prices of Cannabis are at an all time low

Colorado marijuana sales and prices are both dropping, in what may be more than a seasonal trend.

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division's latest average market rate (AMR), a set of median prices for different categories of wholesale marijuana, fell across the board from October to December, with the most noticeable difference in the flower categories.

According to the AMR, the price per pound of marijuana dropped 28 percent, from $1,316 to $948. The shift in prices extends to marijuana trim, flower allocated for extraction and trim allocated for extraction, the MED reports, while dispensary traffic has continued to slow on monthly basis all fall.

While seasonal dips are expected in the marijuana industry near the end of the year, the current numbers indicate a dramatic drop, In the MED's AMR report at the end of 2020, the price per pound of smokeable flower was $1,721, about 45 percent higher than the latest figures. Meanwhile, the price for marijuana flower allocated for extraction has dropped nearly 62 percent, from $901 at the end of last year to $345 today.