Pros and Cons of growing Fast Flowering The Top 8 Cannabis Plants.

Fast flowering cannabis plants thrive in almost any climate

Although autoflowering cannabis strains prefer a high temperature, fast flowering strains are not as demanding. The main difference between autoflowering and fast flowering cannabis is the time it takes to reach flowering. Autoflowering plants take longer to reach this stage of their development, while fast flowering ones will mature within a week or two. This means they’ll be ready for harvest several weeks earlier than their autoflowering counterparts.

Choosing the right fast flowering strains is essential for a successful outdoor growing experience. Fast flowering cannabis plants are clonable because of their photoperiod attribute. Then, if you’d like to grow your own marijuana, you can simply clip off a branch and start a new mother plant. In general, “fast-growing” cannabis seed packages have strong photoperiod genetics. This makes them great mother plants.
They produce smaller harvests

While autoflowering cannabis plants are ideal for indoor or greenhouse cultivation, the F1 Fast Version strains are better for outdoor use. Fast version cannabis plants finish a shorter flowering period than their photoperiod parents but retain their genetics. They’re also more cost-efficient than autoflowering cannabis plants, which require long-lasting lighting. The advantages of F1 Fast flowering plants include smaller harvests and improved plant health.

Autoflowering cannabis plants are the quickest-growing strains of marijuana, as they start flowering within three to 30 days of seed planting. The autoflowers are often smaller than their photoperiod cousins, which take months to reach the flowering stage. Autoflowering plants produce smaller harvests, but they can still produce a moderate amount of cannabis. In some climates, fast version cannabis can be grown with greater success.
They retain their genetics well

Fast strains, also known as Early Version or Quick Strains, are non-autoflowering but carry the autoflowering gene. The fast-growing cannabis plants change from vegetative to flowering phase in record time. These plants will grow nonstop until the photoperiod is changed, then flower for eight weeks. In addition, they are great for northern regions, where they can be harvested before the weather turns cold.
They are cheaper to grow

The benefits of fast version cannabis plants are numerous. These strains have been bred to flower quickly, which means that they are cheaper to grow and harvest. The rapid flowering phase occurs right away, making them resistant to pests and fungi. In addition, they have lower water and pesticide requirements. In addition, they can be harvested much sooner than the regular variety. This is great for cannabis enthusiasts and recreational users.

Growing a fast version cannabis plant is much cheaper than cultivating a traditional strain indoors. Moreover, fast versions retain their genetics and make excellent parent strains. Cannabis cultivation can be costly, but indoor cultivation allows you to keep it under wraps. Growing indoors also enables you to monitor the plants, adjust their conditions and make notes on the best practices. You can also avoid pests like spider mites and black flies.
They can be cloned

Cloning marijuana is not impossible, and fast versions are not even that much smaller than their mother plants. However, this method can produce very large, healthy buds, and you’ll be able to enjoy their unique aroma as well. Here are some tips to help you clone marijuana plants. First, determine which type of cloning technique will work best for your particular cannabis strain. Next, you’ll need to select the correct cut.

When cloning marijuana plants, choose the lower branches. Lower branches are generally more mature and healthy than their higher counterparts. Clones created from these branches are likely to survive better. Avoid branches with suspicious features. Always examine branches carefully before cutting them to make sure they are healthy. You don’t want to risk the growth of your new cannabis plants. It’s better to have a few healthy, cloned plants than nothing at all.

The top 8 Fast-growing indoor weed

Growing cannabis can be a long-drawn-out process. From preparing the space you will use to grow to gather the required materials, planting your seeds, and giving them all the light, nutrients, and time they need to flourish, you could be waiting a while to see the fruits of your labor.

If you’re the impatient type, however, it is possible to speed the cultivation process up a little by choosing fast-growing indoor weed. These days, it is not too difficult to find fast-flowering cannabis strains that have been cultivated to grow as quickly as possible, and below we have put together a list of the top 8 fast-growing cannabis weed strains currently available.
Top 8 indoor weed fast-growing cannabis strains
1. Introducing + Speed Auto C

This is one of the most rapidly flowering cannabis strains currently available on the market. As you might have guessed, its name alludes to the fact that it grows so quickly - in fewer than two months actually. When it is grown in areas that have long summers, it is even possible to produce as many as three harvests in just a single growing season!

As if that was not impressive enough, you can expect to harvest as much as 150g of this cannabis strain, which boasts some of the thickest, most resin-heavy buds that you are likely to ever come across. With a 20 percent THC content and a honey-drenched blue cheese flavor, this is one of the most appealing fast-growing indoor weed on the planet, and you’d be a fool not to try growing it, especially when you consider that it also has one of the best bud-to-leaf ratios of all the cannabis strains in this list.

    49 day growth cycle
    23 percent THC

2. Introducing Extreme Impact Auto

Extreme Impact Auto, as you would expect from the name, is a very fast growing specimen indeed. This autoflowering plant will give you the best bang for your buck if fast turnaround times are your primary concern. If you do everything right, in as little as 8 weeks of your time, you will be able to cultivate, grow and harvest this very relaxing citrusy Indica, which with 21 percent THC content, is perfect for long lazy days.

    56 day growth cycle
    21 percent THC

Extreme Impact Auto marijuana plant zoomed
3. Introducing Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version

No list of fast growing indoor plants would be complete without a mention of Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version. This unique marijuana strain is able to produce flowers in as few as 6 weeks, and it has one of the most unique flavor profiles out there, somehow perfectly balancing pungent skunky flavors with sugary sweet notes. With a 23 percent THC content and a 65/35 mix of Indica and Sativa, it’s perfect for relaxing the body while energizing the mind. It’s no surprise, then that this particular strain won the 2016 Indoor category award at II Copa Cata Zona Norte!

    56 day growth cycle
    21 percent THC

4. Introducing Californian Snow Auto

Not only does Californian Snow Auto grow extremely quickly, but it is also very potent with a 23 percent THC content that will hit you like a truck, but in the best possible way you can imagine. Despite being an extremely powerful strain, Californian Auto Snow actually has a pretty mellow, slightly sweet flavor reminiscent of summer berries. As well as being great for a powerful high, it is also known for its medicinal properties which are due to its high CBD content. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, this is certainly one to grow. It’s also one for those of you who are all about the heavy-duty stone. It’s a very versatile marijuana strain that more people should grow.A

    56 day growth cycle
    23 percent THC

5. Introducing Bruce Banner #3 Fast

Named after the Incredible Hulk’s alter ego, Bruce Banner #3 Fast is one of the most legendary cannabis strains as well as being one of the fastest growing indoor plants you need to know about if you’re interested in growing your own cannabis plants. If you’re serious about getting deeply stoned, this is the one for you. Created by Original Sensible Seeds, not only does it have a short flowering period, but it is also one of the most potent with a THC content of around 35 percent. With a fruity kush fragrance and packing a powerful punch, why wouldn’t you grow this marijuana marvel?

    50-55 days of flowering
    25 percent THC

6. Introducing Royal Gorilla Automatic

A hybrid of what are already two extremely popular cannabis strains in their own right: Gorilla and Cookies, Royal Gorilla Automatic is one of the quickest growing indoor cannabis strains you can currently lay your hands on. Not only that but its unique genetic makeup is guaranteed to give you a euphoric high that soon turns mellow and puts you into a deep stoner state where you can chill out and enjoy the effects of the 20 percent THC content to its fullest, so when you grow this particular strain, you really do get the best of both worlds. Primarily Indica in its makeup and with a creamy rich sugary flavor with just a hint of traditional hash, this strain is a real treat.

    56-70 growth cycle
    20 percent THC

7. Introducing Candy Kush Express

Candy Kush, which was created by Royal Queen Seeds, and which has humorously been named after the mobile game with a similar name, is a sensual strain that is sure to please you in every way with its delightful fruity, spicy, citrusy flavors and aroma which brings to mind comforting winter desserts. This fast growing indoor plant has some of the biggest, thickest buds you are ever likely to see on a cannabis plant, which is why it has so much to offer in terms of flavor and smell. As of that wasn’t enough, it also has a 20 percent THC content that delivers strong highs to both body and mind.

    49 days flowering
    15-20 percent THC

8. Introducing Sugar Black Rose Early Version

As well as flowering extremely fast, as do aloof the strains on this list, this particular cannabis plant, which was developed due to the huge popularity of the original Sugar Black Rose Early Version, is in extremely high demand from stoners all over the world. Why? Because it’s as delicious as it is fast to grow with its potent mix of fruit, flower, spice, and skunk, most cannabis connoisseurs find this one hard to resist. It’s like perfume in plant form and that’s why we love it so.

    45 days flowering
    25 percent THC