Hollyweed, How the popularity of Cannabis has grown with Entertainers

From Justin Bieber to Ricky Williams, celebrities continued to break out new cannabis brands in 2021.

Houseplant's move into California, after a slow rollout in Canada via Canopy Growth, was the launch of the year. Starting with houseware items like ashtrays and lighters, Seth Rogen's brand announced flower and delivery orders quickly lit up Southern California. Rogen's hands-on approach should help conviince consumers that celebrities are not just trying to cash in.

While Houseplant had the best launch, Berner's Cookies was the hottest celebrity cannabis brand. The company continued expanding with new stores in California and Michigan and added accessories like Vibes papers.

Pop stars like Pitbull and DJ Khaled entered the space with CBD brands. Pitbull is affiliated with Columbia Care; DJ Khaled calls his grooming line, Blesswell. Lil Kim jumped in with Superbad.

Bieber's Peaches prerolls are now available from Palms.
Peaches by Justin B
Actor and rapper Ice Cube partnered with Caviar Gold, also in the Los Angeles area, on his Fryday Kush strain. Jaleel White offered Purple Urkle via 710 Labs.

Rockers also entered the market: There's the Deftones Cannabis Collection, Little Steven's Underground Apothecarium, GWAR's Buds of God, the Flaming Lips' Love Your Brain and Slipnot's Shawn Crahan's Clown Cannabis. Slighty Stoopid Organics' prerolls debuted. Melissa Etheridge added the CBD line, Etheridge Organics.

    While Seth Rogen's Houseplant had the best launch, Berner's Cookies was the hottest celebrity cannabis brand.

Several celebs rebooted with new companies. Like Rogen, Drake split with Canopy and invested in Bullrider, Williams kicked off a new company with Highsman, Mike Tyson offered Tyson 2.0 and Whoopi Goldberg came back with Emma & Clyde.

The most fun launch announcement was from South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone. But will Tegridy Farms weed actually be available in 2022?

Xhbit's Napalm line took a hit for its war imagery, especially from Asian-Americans. He allegedly promised to revamp the name and design.

The Marley family branched out into functional mushrooms with Marley One.

Activist brands are just starting to make headway, such as the Original Jack Herer Brand and Robert Platshorn's Black Tuna strain via Trulieve.

Fab 5 Freddy helped bring attention to B Noble, his brand with former prisoner Bernard Noble via Curaleaf. Weldon Angelos' REEForm prerolls raised funds for cannabis prisoners.

Many companies pledged donations to Last Prisoner Project and other prison release groups.

Who will launch the next celebrity cannabis brands in 2022? We hear Woody Harrelson and Bill Maher are investors in a new L.A. dispensary. And that Patricia Arquette is planning to open a lounge in West Hollywood. That's a pretty, pretty good start.