Do you Cannagar?

With Great Power, Comes Greater Weedsponsability is my new favorite motto for top shelf cannabis smokers. With the popularity of cannabis users, the almight weed infused cigars are now the new norm. Popularity among the uber smoking community is growing and growing.

What Is A Cannagar, you ask?

Made from cannagar mold, cannabis oil, cannabis leaves, and about 4-12 grams of ground flower (depending on how hard you’re willing to go), cannagars are designed to knock you on your ass with sophistication.

True to its name, a cannagar smokes more like a cigar than a joint, because of how much easier and hotter it pulls. While a joint will only last you a few minutes, a cannagar can stay lit for a couple of hours, allowing consumers to enjoy a slow, patient burn and an especially relaxing high.

Because of this, consumers are encouraged to take smaller puffs. However, don’t let this fool you: a cannagar will likely pack a harder punch than any joint or blunt you’ve ever come across.

Much like a cigar, a cannagar comes in all shapes and sizes, but the main idea is to deliver the  consumer with a long, powerful high that utilizes every part of the plant.

Derived from the “Thai Stick,” an ancient form of cannabis cigar native to Thailand that was popular in the U.S. throughout the 1970s, cannagars are crafted similarly to cannabis moon rocks and are considered an elite stoner product.

The biggest drawback with cannagars is their price. Depending on which brand you go for, quality pre-rolled cannagars can range anywhere from twenty dollars to well over a thousand. Because of this, many heavy consumers opt for molding their own cannagars at home.

The flower is packed around a small dowel, which is later removed, leaving behind a tiny hollow core that ensures an even burn. The flower is coated in a solvent-free resin to give it a little extra punch. Then they’re hand-rolled in marijuana leaves and cured for at least a month.

The end result is a potent, smooth cannagar that lasts up to six hours.

That’s a good, long time spent smoking, and this is really where cannagars begin to (if they can) justify their price tag. Cannagars are easy to share, even with a room full of people. And their sophisticated, elegant look makes them the picture perfect thing to puff and pass at weddings or other formal parties. Leira really leans into this aspect.

But is that level of high society imagery worth $420? Maybe. After all, what are luxury products for if not to commemorate special occasions like marriages, births, anniversaries, and promotions?